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* Premium Smart Tags for the Professional
Put smart tags to work in your business. If you would like more info about the requirements for submitting a smart tag for inclusion on this web site, click here.
Bridge BridgeInSight delivers financial information, news and historical data to Office XP.
BridgeInSight is a custom Smart Tag service that allows you to quickly access and analyze real-time financial information directly from Bridge databases while working within OfficeXP.
ESPN ESPN and Microsoft bring you an incredible Smart Tag experience.
The ESPN smart tag allows you to recognize baseball's teams and players and retrieve their latest statistic and information with one simple mouse click!
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Expedia Expedia� Smart Tag
The smart tag generates travel searches from Office XP. Destination names link to Expedia's award-winning flight, car, hotel, package, and cruise services as well as maps and travel guides.
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Fedex Streamline your shipping tasks with smart tags from FedEx
Thanks to smart tags, shipping via FedEx is now even more convenient. Use them to link directly to the service you need shipping, tracking, rate quotes, nearby FedEx locations and hours, a Signature Proof of Delivery, or even to check an address.
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Lexis-Nexis Customized Solutions Using Microsoft� Office XP Smart Tags
LexisNexis has developed three smart tags to streamline legal research and writing tasks when using Microsoft Word 2002. These smart tags, recognizing a person's name, address, or case name, will give you the option of linking directly from the Word documents to news, public record and legal information available through the LexisNexis services. For example, "Roe v Wade" is recognized as a "case name" smart tag with actions you can take such as Find Federal Case, Find Law Reviews, Find News Articles, Find State Cases, and Find Verdict Information
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MSNBC Extend access to business information throughout your company with Office XP Smart Tag Manager
Find out how Smart Tag Manager enables your employees to instantly link from Excel, Word and Outlook to vital business information for fast answers and in-depth analysis.
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MSNBC MSNBC Smart Tags City news and weather from provides local news, weather and sports for Microsoft Office XP Smart Tags. MSNBC Smart Tags recognize 190 U.S. cities from's network of affiliate Web sites, providing complete details from the nearest city and weather forecasts from 190 international locations.
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Westlaw WestCiteLink 3.0 the Smart Solution to Simplify Legal Research
WestCiteLink 3.0 with Smart Tags makes it easier and faster to prepare better legal documents. As you type, the software automatically recognizes and marks legal citations. A Smart Tag menu then allows you to easily find a document on Westlaw; determine the KeyCite history; identify citing references; insert a hypertext link to Westlaw; or create a Table of Authorities. WestCiteLink 3.0 with Smart Tags will be the tool you'll rely on to quickly validate legal research. Download at no charge.
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WorldLingo Resources to globalize your business presence, by Microsoft and WorldLingo
Access instant translation services for text, email, and web pages with this Smart Tag. Obtain quotes and send documents for professional translation. Includes information about international business practices with country-specific data.
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More Smart Tags

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